What about hobbies on your CV?

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Are you passionate about volunteering at a cat shelter? Or maybe you spend your time planning your next trip to one of the Nordic countries that fascinate you due to their myths and legends? Regardless of what your interests are, there is always the question of – should I mention them on my CV?

Well, yes and no.

Sharing your hobbies on CV or résumé can help you stand out and connect with the hiring manager or recruiter. However, it can also make your CV look exactly like thousands before it. The devil is in the detail and in this case, the detail being of how you present your hobbies or interests.

Make the hobbies stand out

To create a connection between you and potential employer, you need to be specific. If you want to mention your hobby or interest, make sure it’s either Achievement oriented or fun and unique. Putting travelling, music or films on your résumé will not catch anyone’s attention. Remember that people holding the hiring positions go through hundreds of CVs each week and they basically seen it all – definitely the general interests that are not very distinct. Dancing or reading can mean so many things and putting a phrase like that on your CV definitely doesn’t make your application any more personal.

So, next time when you sit down to get some tweaks done to your CV, why don’t you think about something that is very unique to you? Like reading 5 horror books a month and running out of the space on your bookshelf. Or mentioning competing in The IronMan Triathlon two years in a row.

These are the things that will be your conversation starters when chatting to the recruiter or hiring manager. No one is going to randomly ask you about your favourite films but if you mention a collection of Lord of the Rings figures, you might be surprised and meet a fellow fan. And finding similar interests with a potential employer can’t really go wrong – can only make your conversation more pleasant and relaxed.

So, yes or no to hobbies?

It’s a definite YES, but only when you make it right. Standing out in the current market is crucial, especially with so many people out of work due to Coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, it’s also essential to remember that hiring managers are people – and they will definitely remember you after chatting for 10 minutes about your common interest of travelling every summer to Barcelona than after seeing a plain, non-personal CV.

Talking with one of our experts can give you a better idea of what type of hobbies or interests you should include in your CV and also how to present them in the most interesting and attention-grabbing way.
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