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Francesca G

Francesca G.

Aspiring Marketing Professional

“Jonny has given me invaluable advice and help to make me think about my job search and CV in a completely different way. He was really supportive and we sat down to restructure and refocus my CV to target the roles I was applying and searching for. He gave me so many tips and a lot of advice on how to ensure my CV was being noticed by recruiters and employees. I’ve met with many recruiters but Jonny is the first to have given me the time to actually help me in my search. He was extremely relaxed and gave me the time to go through my CV line by line and work out what needed to be added, amended and restructured. I couldn’t recommend him enough as he has helped me improve my CV to make it stand out to employers and bring in job offers.”

Alex S

Alex S.


“I have worked with Jonny as both client and candidate over the last 6 years. He provides a completely personal service, and is extremely likeable and knowledgeable. Most recently, he has gone out of his way to support me in my job hunt by giving up his time to analyse my CV. This included giving suggestions on layout. However, where his approach is different and where he added more value was on giving strategies around my CV. Examples were having different CV’s for different roles, prioritising information based on job specs, and having a one page version to use as a conversation starter with my existing network. He is a smart, innovative, hard working man who will go the extra mile for you.”