Success Stories

We’re proud of the people we’ve helped. Here’s what some have said about us.

Francesca G


Junior Marketing Professional

“Jonny has given me invaluable advice in making me think about my job search and CV in a completely different way.

He has helped me improve my CV to make it really stand out to employers and bring in job offers.”

alex photo



“Media CVs provided me with a great service, led by Jonny. It felt bespoke, and Jonny is extremely likeable and knowledgeable. In these days of keyword scanning, it was refreshingly human!!

Where their approach is different, and where Jonny added real value, was on giving strategies around my CV to ensure it would resonate with the right audience rather. It was great to get fresh eyes on it from someone who really knows and cares about the end product.

The result was a fresher, more modern document including some great ideas I would not have thought of.