Your Covering Letter


Often a dreaded task – writing a stand-out letter that avoids clichéd statements, and promotes yourself without sounding arrogant. We’ll help you construct an engaging, personal piece that strikes all the right chords.

Making your covering letter sing can be a difficult task, and one that stumps many people. That means it gives you a great opportunity to stand out – and we’ll help you construct a personal letter that strikes the right chords.

We’ll ask you to send us a recent covering letter you’ve written in advance. In this 40-minute video session with our expert, you will:

  • See a selection of best-practice covering letters, versus those to avoid
  • Learn how to effectively use a cover letter to complement your CV and highlight your core strengths
  • Find out how to express your extracurricular achievements and experience as transferrable skills
  • Go through how your cover letter should be structured, making sure it flows clearly