How to ace that video interview?

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Video interviews have become more and more prominent over the years but now with business being conducted differently in this new world, due to the impact of Covid-19, they have become the main hiring tool. Given Media CVs expertise in video interviewing, we are sharing some top tips with those who may have little or no experience with being on camera and acing that all important video interview.

There are many aspects of video interviews that are extremely similar to a face-to-face interview – the questions asked are likely to be exactly the same as they would be if you went into your potential employer’s office and the same rules apply as to how you conduct yourself during the interview. However there are few aspects that are different so let us cover these below.


1. Technical Set-Up

We may live in times where technology surrounds us from every possible angle, and it seems almost impossible to live without it. However, even technology is not faultless and sometimes can fail us. Hence why, it is crucial to do a technical set-up at least an hour before your video call.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure you have the right app downloaded – different companies may use different platforms, such as Zoom, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams etc.
  • Make sure your username is professional – you don’t want to introduce yourself to a potential employer as nachocheesefries31
  • Test your camera and microphone – you can do a trial run with a family member or a friend. We also recommend using a headset with microphone as this will improve the sound quality from your side
  • If you are using a laptop, tablet or phone make sure it’s charged up – you don’t want to run out of battery in the middle of an interview


2. Stage Set-Up

Doing a video interview call from your own house is fine, but be mindful of choosing either a blank background or one where there are limited elements (e.g. plants / artwork etc.) as you don’t want any distractions during the interview – certainly get rid of that dirty laundry basket sitting in the background.

  • Choose a quiet location where you won’t be distracted by children, flatmates or pets
  • Make sure there is not much going on in the background, so that the focus is on your person
  • Set the light in a way that it illuminates your face
  • Use post-it notes on the side of your laptop/screen that allow you to ensure you talk about key points (without an interview being able to see these)


3. What to wear?

Just because it is a video interview that can be done from your home/kitchen, it doesn’t mean you should only dress half-way – no PJ bottoms please! You should dress exactly the same way as you would dress for a face-to-face interview. The right outfit will boost your confidence, put you in the right mood and help with making a good first impression.

  • Do not assume you will only be seen from the waist up (I’m sure you’ve heard of those horror shows)
  • Avoid wearing bright colours, and black and white outfits – they don’t work well with web cameras, can be distracting and give your skin unnatural tint



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